• Nano I+II+III Frontansicht

    Superlight Nano is the latest generation of extremely compact floodlights. The efficient optics create narrow beam, elliptical or wide beam light distributions. The minimalist design allows the floodlights to be integrated into various different architectural environments. Superlight Nano are the smallest and most discreet exterior floodlights on the market.

  • Projekt: Regent Street

    Hotel Sofitel, London - Facade illumination to the hotel, spa and restaurants on Waterloo Place

    Lighting Design:
    Tony Rimmer
    Studio 29, London

    Product supply:
    Commercial Lighting Systems Ltd

  • Arclux

    Arclux is a luminaire for the accent lighting of window reveals. The light from 2 LEDs is directed from the opposite sides of the luminaire, via specially developed reflectors, onto the widow reveal. The result is a uniform arc of light.

  • Projekt: Politiebureau Rijnmond, Rotterdam

    Politiebureau Rijnmond, Rotterdam  –  Glare-free illumination of the glass façade

    Lighting Design:
    Robert Jan Vos lichtontwerp en –advies, Hilversum


  • Nightspot: 3-fach am Mast

    Nightspot pole luminaires, as floodlights or gobo projectors, can be mounted at any height required. They can be arranged in any way and therefore offer a very wide scope of design. They are available in a range of wattages and distributions for metal halide lamps or with LEDs.

  • Projekt: Nightspot Anwendung

    Nightspot pole luminaires can be used for the imaginative lighting of public spaces. They can create uniform illumination or be used for highlighting purposes.

  • Ecoline - Reihe

    Ecoline is a linear luminaire and comes in various different lengths. In addition to stand alone luminaires, there is also a modular system for creating continuous lines with hardly any shadow between the modules. Despite having integral control gear, the cross section of these luminaires is extremely small.

  • Projekt: TownFence, München

    TownFence® Werbebanner, Munich
    TownTalker Media AG, Cologne

  • L + B - Ecoscape 3

    Ecoscape is a range of exterior LED luminaires for the illumination of open spaces, streets and paths. They are available in two sizes for various different optical systems. The Comfort Optic uses micro prisms to direct light in defined directions. Light diffraction and shielded LEDs make perfect glare control possible.