• Tradition

    The company was founded in 1946 by Mr. Hermann Meyer. The first products manufactured were household appliances but very soon the company specialised in the development and production of technical lighting products for industry and the construction sector. Today Meyer is a major manufacturer of exterior lighting products for ambitious architectural lighting projects. The team of employees at the company headquarters in Hemer, Germany bring together the necessary skills to achieve this level of comepetence. An integrated approach focused on quality and constant technical advancement are the basis for our daily work.

  • Durability

    Lighting products which have to withstand harsh operating conditions need to be particularly robust and low maintenance. Only products of excellent quality can meet this challenge in the long run. Exterior lighting products are exposed to all weather conditions and should not corrode. For this reason we apply a top quality coating process and use a low copper, marine grade aluminium alloy (EN AC AlSi12 with max. 0.1% Cu content).

  • Technology

    Technical advances in light sources and optical systems for directing light are a driving force behind product innovation. Meyer makes use of this potential to develope exterior lighting fixtures with a high degree of efficiency and excellent glare control. The use of LEDs for architectural lighting opens up a whole new spectrum of possibilities. High precision optics direct the light to exactly where it is required.

  • Design

    Exterior lighting products are generally installed permanently and need to be integrated into many different environments. For this very reason our products are designed to be timeless and neutral. Our luminaires work precisely and reliably behind the scenes and never push themselves to the forefront. They are discreet and allow the architecture to take the stage at night.

  • Service

    A global network of partners ensures competent service at a local level. Together with the staff members at Meyer in Germany, they provide support for lighting designs and mock up samples for ambitious projects around the world. Our technical support goes from a simple lighting calculation to in-depth assistance on a complex lighting concept. If required, the results can be presented as a visualisation. Our stands at trade shows and exhibitions are a forum for the exchange of information and ideas at an international level.